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Hack Your Brain – 7 Ways to Improve How You Learn

By Christopher Fear on 31 Mar 2022 Harness the unique way your mind learns by hacking your brain! We look at 7 ingenious ways to improve how you learn. Read More

How to Create a Hybrid Working Policy (With Free Template)

By Christopher Fear on 24 Mar 2022 Is your organisation returning to the office? Use our free template to create a hybrid working policy that can help your organisation adapt. Read More

The Science of Setting Goals – and How to Achieve Them

By Christopher Fear on 17 Mar 2022 Ever wondered how your brain sets - and achieves - goals? We delve into the fascinating science of how your brain sets goals, offering some tips for success. Read More

6 Tips for Moving from Remote to Hybrid Working

By Christopher Fear on 23 Feb 2022 Is your organisation combining office work with remote work, in the wake of the pandemic? Here are 6 tips for moving from remote to hybrid working. Read More

The Great Resignation: Why It’s Happening and What You Can Do About It

By Christopher Fear on 17 Feb 2022 What is the Great Resignation? What's causing it and, more importantly, how can we as HR professionals do something about it? We explore more here. Read More

How to Create an Employee Engagement Strategy in 7 Steps

By Christopher Fear on 16 Feb 2022 Improve employee retention, loyalty and productivity by create an employee engagement strategy with these simple 7 steps. Read More

How Much Does an ILM Qualification Cost?

By Christopher Fear on 14 Dec 2021 ILM qualifications can really develop your management career. In this blog, we try to answer that age old question: how much does an ILM qualification cost? Read More

The Ultimate Employee Christmas Gift Guide

By Christopher Fear on 8 Dec 2021 Tasked with buying presents for employees, on behalf of your employer? Follow our advice and choose the perfect gifts! Read More
There are 50 items on 7 pages.