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Marketing Student Stories:
CIM Student Stories: Lynsey Aitken | CIM Level 4 Review

Lynsey Aitken

CIM Level 4

Lynsey decided to enrol on a CIM Level 4 Certificate in order to add credibility to her current skillset and excel in her current role. Read more about her story below! 

Throughout my career, the roles I have had have always had a marketing aspect to them. My degree is not in anything related to marketing, so I’ve picked up the skills I’ve needed whilst on the job, but I wanted to actually study marketing in order to have some evidence that shows my expertise in this area.

After doing some research I decided to study the CIM Leve 4 Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing in order to gain a professional marketing qualification that would demonstrate my skills to current and future employers.

After considering various study modes, I decided that online distance learning would suit me the best as it would allow me to continue working full-time, and gave me full flexibility around when I studied – rather than being restricted by the timetable of in-person classes.

I read good reviews of ICS Learn, and when I enquired with them over the phone they couldn’t have been more helpful.

They talked me through the different CIM Marketing courses and helped me decide which one was most suitable for my needs. Having never studied online before, I was initially quite apprehensive about how this would work, but once I began my studies with ICS Learn it was clear I didn’t need to worry.

The study materials were easy to access, and the tutors were extremely helpful with feedback on my draft assignments and exam preparation. ICS Learn also keep you organised with regular reminders about deadlines, and have always been very quick to respond to any questions I had.

Being able to study online definitely gives you the flexibility to fit your studies around your lifestyle, which has been a big benefit for me.

Being able to apply some of the principles of marketing from my studies to my current job has been rewarding, and especially with my qualification having a focus on digital marketing.

I’m particularly glad I chose this qualification as these digital skills are becoming even more highly sought after as things have moved online due to the global pandemic, and industries need to be agile and pivot their marketing to more of a digital focus.

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