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CIM Student Stories: Rebecca Noakes | CIM Level 3 Review

Rebecca Noakes

CIM Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing

Rebecca was always keen on understanding more about marketing, so she took the leap to learn more with a CIM Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing to apply to her new role. Learn more about her learning journey with us. 

I have always had an interest in marketing, however, it wasn’t until I was given some marketing tasks to do in my previous job that I realised the interest was becoming more of a passion and that I wanted to learn more about the subject.

My previous position was in sales, so I moved jobs to a company that would enable me to continue building my knowledge and experience in a more marketing-focused role. Now, I'm a business development representative for an IT company in South Yorkshire.

To add, I also have my own small business making handmade jewelry. It's great because the information I'm learning from the course assists in my role both at work and with my hobby. It helps me see how I can adapt my marketing to suit the activity I am doing and for which purpose.

ICS Learn was originally recommended to me by a friend who was enjoying their experience with the company. I found the ICS Learn website very easy to navigate and informative. The whole process was smooth running, helping me ease into the world of the unknown.

I did have the reservation about if I’d be able to stay motivated and if I’d feel supported enough, however, there are many options for support and the prompted deadlines definitely help me stay motivated without getting stressed. My tutor is lovely and quick to respond and help any way she can.

The price is really good and the layout of the course is a good mixture of a variety of tasks to prevent it from getting tedious so keeps you engaged and able to retain what you are learning and apply it to real-life scenarios.

So far, I'm halfway through my CIM Foundation Certificate in Marketing and there have been many skills I have learned from the course that I have been able to apply to the company I work for already.

Following on from this, I already know I will want to enrol in the CIM Level 4 Marketing course to further develop my knowledge through ICS Learn.

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