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ICS Real Stories: Nikhila | Online CIPD Level 5 Review



Nikhila Lanka reviews how working in Dubai led her to study CIPD Level 5 online to help her develop her personal and professional standards.


I am an HR professional with passion for L&D. I am also a Yoga Trainer, Calligrapher, Indian Classical Dancer and an avid blogger too!

For people like me who are trying to master the subject they are passionate about, although trying to be a Jack of all trades, CIPD is a boon.

I was working with RAKBANK, Dubai when I first came to know about CIPD and that’s when I buckled up to pick this course to pursue my interest in L&D.

Reading about it on blogs and media like Quora and LinkedIn gave me more insight into how CIPD could enable you as an individual developing personal and professional standards.  I still have more to explore.

I have done extensive research on which learning provider would be the best to pursue CIPD. 

I had calls with few other learning providers who offered the course, however, my first call with ICS Learn was so good that I instantly signed up and paid for the course.

I received patient answers to my queries and all the information that I needed. Needless to say, that the most cost-effective offer came from ICS Learn.

Though I am a novice to online learning, I am quite happy with the prompt responses from the tutors and student services.

The website is easy to navigate and all the resources to study are handy. The best part is the blogs links from Harvard postings. 

The webinars, online classrooms and space for student communities make it an effective and efficient way of learning. 

I am looking forward to passing the course with flying colors and of course getting to be called Nikhila, Assoc. CIPD!


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