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GCSE Student Stories: Sean O'Toole | GCSE English Review

Sean exceeded his own expectations when he walked away with an A in iGCSE English after a 17 year gap in learning. Find out how he got there in his student story. 

At the time of looking at revisiting self-study I was working as a Youth Support Worker in a children’s residential home. This role meant fulfilling long working hours and irregular evening shifts, which meant that I couldn't commit to a local college course and I had to focus on distanced learning instead.

My plan was to move back into the education sector (where I have always worked previously) and I needed my baseline English GCSE to compliment the training I already had, and to hopefully gain a senior role again. I did the usual google search that everybody does but was conscious that there are many scams out there and so I treaded very carefully.

The ICS learn website was very clear, professional, and easy to navigate, I knew straight away that I was looking at a reputable company reading the student profiles and reviews. To be sure, I phoned the student helpline, and everything was explained in more detail including payments, subscriptions, materials available, how the course would work etc.

I signed up for the IGCSE English Language course there and then, confident with this company that I could achieve. I found the process very smooth and enjoyed the independence to complete the course at my own pace.

The tutors were responsive and hugely experienced. I personally really liked that my tutors were critical and honest, if my work had gaps or was not meeting criteria, I would be told in a nice but very matter of fact way – this gave me the tools to know exactly what level I was working at, and I could therefor work harder and get better marks.

The opportunity to be part of live classroom sessions was something I didn’t expect and was a great and welcomed addition. Being able to talk in the live chat during classes created a very community feel between fellow students and my tutors.

In November 2021, I registered as a private candidate and resat my English Language IGCSE after completing all my online learning with ICS Learn.

I got an A!! I have never got an A in any GCSE subjects before and exceeded my own expectations with the result after 17 years of doubt following leaving school.

This gave me the platform to continue my studies and not rush back into Education. I went on to complete a Higher Educational Diploma in Social Science and have now secured a role as a Safeguarding Officer in a further education college.

I can’t thank ICS Learn enough for the help they gave me and continue to smile with my A. I would recommend this company to anybody and plan to use them again in the not-so-distant future.


If you're inspired by Sean's story and looking to gain your iGCSE qualifications, enrol on a course with ICS Learn today. 

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